Fanteam Fifa Cup 3 Teamresults

The last round of Fanteam Fifa Cup 3 were very competitive, even though the results show some handicap wins, we are proud of our member Joshi “JoDa” and Kai Koenisch.

Most important facts of the Fanteam Fifa Cup 3:

Joshi “JoDa”

  • Kibli vs. Joshi “JoDa” 1–1 (draw)
  • Dörmbach vs.Joshi “JoDa” 1–4 (win)
  • Kubli vs Joshi “JoDa” 2–1 (loss)

Kai Koenisch

  • Koenisch unfortunately lost his 3 matchups by handicap (4–0, 3–0, 4–0)

“bet4u” aka. Maksim

  • Noticable win against eSports progamer Niklas Luginsland from VfB Stuttgart (3–2) with great performance
  • Performance against the other opponents was not on point as against Luginsland (1–4 and  1–5 losses against barke and scp7)

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