Sharp eSports opens his gates!

What is Sharp eSports exactly?

Sharp-Clan is a competitive eSports community with one huge goal: Road to the top of Fifa & Valorant eSports. A boundless passion for design and love of gaming gives us the energy to rise above ourselves to build the largest and best team squad in the world for Valorant. This is our dream. Our passion. We also have many years of experience in the gaming industry, from the first Nintendo games to the most famous action shooters. We recruite professional gamer for Fifa & Valorant eSports competition, tournaments and streams!

Who are the heads behind Sharp?

Julian “Jouley” Drebert

Our leader Julian “Jouley” Drebert takes care of the important decisions and the development of Sharp. Years of expertise in the eSports industry and as a streamer he supports the image & growth of Sharp.

Francisco Reinhard

Francisco is responsible for marketing & business strategy planning and as a co-founder for company-relevant decisions including the support of the entire Sharp team. An indispensable member of Sharp.

Ben Labudda

Ben supports as a management co-leader to improve the sharp reputation. Planning staff and supporting the coaches is his daily business.